Kirk Rheinlander

Repeatedly Transformed IT into the Business Partner You Need

to Create Competitive Advantage, Market Differentiation,

and Resultant Corporate Success

Proven Business Improvements & Saving Delivery


  •  $100M+ savings while delivering concurrent business growth over the last 10 years through a history of producing significant improvements in IT operations and repeatable, sustainable cost savings. 
  • Lead development of cost effective, comprehensive, eBusiness capability for numerous companies, including B2B supplier interaction, ERP, CRM, SCM, and global collaboration services. 
  • Effective Business Management; Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture, the business management process that manages the full spectrum of technology, people and process.
  • Established world-class repeatable IT management approaches, including enterprise architecture and process oriented organizational design, with CIO’s and executive staff at numerous major multinational corporations.
  • Led the strategic planning process and associated IT business alignment in five Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Developed the enterprise architecture and governance – a business management process for technology environments – for more than a dozen Fortune 1000 companies, leading to significant improvements in IT operational efficiency, improved IT delivery and business alignment, and major decreases in costs.


Managing Complexity; M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) / Multi-business Unit / Shared Services


  • Led planning for a large (Global Fortune #2 company, 2005) energy company merger, and a major healthcare insurer’s acquisition of a number of other health insurers. 
  • Led shared services transition in three Fortune 1000 companies. Lead both off-site/out-sourcing and in-sourcing efforts for multiple companies. 
  • Developed plans for simplifying the diverse environment created via acquisitions, from both the perspective of a single combined business, as well as individual business unit approaches. 1997-2004. 
  • Led IT planning for effective IT management in organizations with multiple business units (BU), including a major consumer packed goods manufacturer ($5B - 3 BU), a major medical products manufacturer ($10B - 8 BU), and a large P&C insurance company ($1B - 5 BU).




  • Worked with budgets ranging from 0.4% to 9% of sales and up to $1.7B annually with staffs of 3600+. 
  • Served in several interim executive and executive roles, from President to COO to CIO/CTO, at multiple different companies. 
  • Built high performance teams producing major industry accomplishments, including some of the world’s best-known products, processes, and software. Key roles in many innovations; led restructuring of technology to radically alter profit profile of retail downstream energy sales, led product R&D for a new concept in real time remote diabetic monitoring., created unique concept in software used to track non-sequential process activity; used by NIH, CDC and DHS, led new process modeling technique (later commercialized), developed innovative risk management approach (req. on DoD acquisitions), and many others.


Cultural Change


Nationally known speaker at universities, companies, conferences, etc. on the cultural aspects of innovation and the associated change, and how you can overcome the cultural barriers that impede your company’s success.


Leading Product Development


  • Led development of a new concept in Internet “push” and wireless multicasting technology. 
  • Developed advanced production quality networked data collection system. 
  • Co-developed software for the first portable mass spectrometer. 
  • Led development the first laser interferometer based disk drive positioning accuracy measuring device. 
  • Led R&D “think tank” for advanced weapons systems development, incl. several innovative robotic technologies. 
  • Developed an access encoding algorithm and card key access system in common use today.


Leading Process Development


  • Created advanced project review process at a major health insurance company, cutting project phase initiation evaluation cycle time from 3 (FTE) months to less than 3 (FTE) days. 
  • Decreased software development cycle time by more than 700% by developing and implementing innovative software development process approaches, while delivering both SEI CMM L2 and ISO 9000-3 certification. Managed development, within a DoD contractor technology “think-tank”, of a groundbreaking process mapping technique, later successfully commercialized (Rummler-Brache). 
  • Developed innovative professional pay-by-skill promotional criteria and process. 
  • Developed the software engineering design process (Software Engineering Process Guide design process) for a large-scale development effort (400 software engineers). 
  • Developed QEO – Quantifying Expert Opinion – a risk management and producibility assessment approach required in DoD 5000.2 Production Transition manual for all US defense acquisition efforts.


Other Key Accomplishments


  • Architecture concepts published in “Business Driven Information Technology”, ISBN 0-8047-4943-4, 2004 
  • Enterprise Architecture process voted global best practice at Meta Group’s International EA Conference 
  • Led design, purchasing and deployment of IT computing infrastructure in a new public charter school. Deployed over $350k of infrastructure for under $60k in less than 3 months (as a volunteer), 2002. 
  • Technology leader with 20 years of positive impact on Fortune 100, SMB and startup performance 
  • Career built on developing increased knowledge, value delivery, and bringing diverse expertise and the resultant wealth of solutions knowledge to other industries. 
  • 20+ years of increasingly responsible technology and business management roles; 6 at the executive level. 
  • 15+ years of advising “C” level executives, delivering $B+ improvements in business and technology practices.

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