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Kirk R. Rheinlander

Management Consulting Services


Transformed numerous IT organizations into enablers of business innovation, resulting in competitive advantage, market differentiation, sustainable EBITDA improvements and exponential growth. Delivered up to 100% ($6B) organic growth – more through major M&A actions - and 30%+ budget reductions (>$2B) at 5 Fortune 100 companies, 25 Fortune 1000s, numerous SMBs, plus building 3 successful startups.

25+ years in business technology leadership operating in interim, advisory, shadow and full-time IT senior leadership roles. This diverse experience includes rapidly understanding complex environments and defining IT-enabled business growth opportunities in diverse industries including healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, finance, energy, distribution, retail and government, both state and federal.The lessons learned from this diverse background have proven invaluable.

kirk @ kpj2 . com

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