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Kirk R. Rheinlander

Management Consulting Services


Kirk, I have to say you are clearly someone that understands the true concept of an executive leader. It has been a long time since I have read a great response to a great question. I only hope that the people reading your [IT executive leadership views @ ExecutiveIntent.com] take a step back and understand the message. I hear way too often the same 10 things of what a CIO thinks and what a CIO needs to do … the issues always around costs and operations. The problem has been many of the CIOs have never really been part of the executive team to understand what the CEO and the board is looking for. Many of them have not run a P&L and nor have been managed to EBITA. Many of them have not been through a board meeting with equity owners asking the hard financial questions about the business and how is the CIO going to change my business. Thank you. 

 — Jim Wisnionski, CIO, Sourcelink

“I have known Kirk for over 25 years and I can recommend him to any company who is looking to foster innovation thru strategic planning and vision. His grasp of technology, strategy, process and its impact on business is unparalleled.

Kirk was literally my first supervisor out of college and he has mentored and coached me in numerous areas that have led me to have a successful career as a CIO. I have worked with Mr. Rheinlander several times over the years and have leveraged his knowledge and experience to help me guide the information technology department at CAA.”

— Michael Keithley, CIO, United Talent

“Kirk possesses that rare and invaluable combination of business acumen and technical expertise. He takes an open-minded approach to creating and managing business solutions. This combined with outstanding leadership skills enables Kirk to succeed in his endeavors.” 

— Karen Frederick, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

“Kirk combines his zeal for technology with his vast and successful business background to any challenge that comes his way. His ability to see through compounded layers of business and technological issues allows him to identify, solve, and improve overall conditions in just about any environment.” 

— Courtland Bishop, SVP & Principal at Applied Performance Technologies

“Kirk is one of the best Technology Executives I have ever been acquainted with. He is one of the few that stands well above the norm amongst a crowded industry. His knowledge of business and technology are second to none and is of a rare breed that knows how to meld them together successfully. Any organization or industry would be greatly enhanced and fortunate to have Kirk’s expertise and leadership at guiding Sr levels.” 

— Roger Rarick, Sr. Recruiter, Triad Consultants

“Kirk brings a balanced portfolio of experience that is not commonly found. He has worked with many fortune 100 companies to augment their business architecture and improve their core technology infrastructure. One of the true “renaissance men”, he also demonstrated the patience to mentor others and instill his sense of excitement. He does this while forwarding the enterprises strategies with a clarity of vision that is exceptional.” 

— Pat Gallivan, Sr. Dir. Enterprise Architecture

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kirk as a Top Executive in the IT field. Over the months we communicated he demonstrated great communication and established himself as a Subject Matter Expert in technology and specifically new technologies. He is innovative, keeps focused on the objectives, continues to foster growth. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a high-caliber, IT Executive that wants to take their business to the next level and beyond!” 

— Macy Britt, Information Technology HR Executive