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Kirk R. Rheinlander

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Functional Experience 

Executive Leadership 

Change Management 

Project Management 

Enterprise Architecture 

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Systems Experience

SAP, JDE, PeopleSoft, MFGPro, MacPac/D, ManMan, Seibel, SQL


Post Grad MBA Coursework, Pepperdine University 

University of Southern Maine, BS, Industrial Technology

Maine Technical Institute, AS, Electronics Technology

Board Roles

Advisory Board, Bioroot Energy 2012-Present

Managing Board Member, J&P Pistachio, LLC 2014-Present

Executive Board Member, Columbus Technology Council 2002-3

Mr. Rheinlander has over 2 decades of technology and business leadership experience spanning operations, development, marketing, manufacturing, management consulting, and quality. His work has led to radical improvements in EBITDA, enabling over 100% organic growth (>$5B) and many times that in M&A growth, while concurrently delivering 30%+ overall budget reductions resulting in savings of $2B+.

How Strategy Defines Attainable Success Missions

He has developed both the corporate business and IT strategic planning for over 2 dozen Fortune 1000 companies, including 5 Fortune 100s, plus building 3 successful startups. One of his key skills is being able to quickly assimilate the whole picture across even the most complex business environment; the operational patterns, gaps, and synergies to be leveraged in improving business’s functioning, and delivering a balance of tactical and strategic plans to execute – and the cultural / behavioral transformations required to create success.

Broad Range of Executive Experience

Having operated in senior executive, interim executive, and executive advisory roles, Mr. Rheinlander has a broad understanding of transformative change across a range of industry and company sizes. He is adept at simplifying detailed information technology complexities, applying strategic and tactical business values, and delivering clear, understandable, and actionable improvement plans producing tangible business benefit.

IT Participation in Designing the Future, not just Keeping it Running.

A key value delivered, is transforming the IT organization from a service delivery/cost center perspective, into a business partner, business peer, even business leader role. IT is often lacking in the business acumen to create what the business really needs to produce competitive advantage and market differentiation, and delivering IT-enabled business improvements.

Example Success Story

Mr. Rheinlander’s significant history of accomplishments includes transforming the core decision making processes of a 126 year old $4.2B company that had had flat financial performance for over 20 years, subsequently growing revenue 50% in 2 years, and over 100% in 8, with a market cap growth of 10x.

Defining Culture and Innovation Across the Entire Organization

A former partner (5 years) with one of the pioneers of enterprise architecture, his experience at delivering pragmatic architectural approaches to effective IT management, is unparalleled. As a nationally known speaker on the culture of innovation, and personally involved in a number of major well known innovations, his ability to facilitate and create breakthrough innovation and the often required cultural transformation is extensive.