Kirk Rheinlander

Repeatedly Transformed IT into the Business Partner You Need

to Create Competitive Advantage, Market Differentiation,

and Resultant Corporate Success

Elevating IT from its’ typical service delivery goal of operational excellence, into a business partner, peer, and in some cases, business leadership role, enables great strides in business performance … EBITA improvements, as much as 100% organic growth and 30% or more in operational efficiency savings, and in companies as large as Global Fortune 10s.  


Concurrently, matured the CIO role from the head of the IT functional organization, into a true C level peer and valued member of the executive leadership team, sharing IT capabilities knowledge in early-stage corporate strategic and tactical planning. 


Proven track record of repeated successes across diverse industries, delivering breakthrough business innovations and transforming organizations. Created the strategic corporate and technology planning, aligned business strategy, and subsequent IT delivery for more than 2 dozen Fortune 1000 corporations, operating in executive, interim executive, and advisory roles. 6+ years of executive technology leadership; 15+ years of executive consulting engagements.  


A nationally known speaker on creating innovation cultures, propagating these concepts enables significant corporate organic growth - growth measured in double digit percentages and $1B+ results. Also, led the development of numerous well known technology and process innovations.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

- Old Chinese Proverb 


  • This sage thought reflects the power of knowledge transfer and a key capability within effective leaders.
  • Understanding what it takes to “fish” is made up of a lot of factors gleaned from experience.
  • Being able to share that knowledge in a form that engages others, sets top performance people apart from the general populace.
  • Those exemplary leaders have the innate ability to create a compelling future-state vision, that people clamor to be a part of and a success path that has served my clients well for over 2 decades.

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